Take a look at our latest Corporate Role-playing testimonials

screen-shot-2017-07-18-at-15-36-17Role-playing is a fantastic tool to use in company trainings. You can really maximise the experience and the learning by hiring real-life actors to energise challenging team work. We all have to face difficult conversations, tough meetings, unexpected situations. Why not hire a couple of professional actors to re-enact a specific work-related script? Then, in Forum Theatre style the actors can stop and start at the suggestion of the participants to find the best communication solutions. It can be a lot of fun as it is interactive learning. By having real actors as part of a training it immediately breaks the ice and ups the stakes. We can help you with your script too if you like. For more information on this programme, call Amy on 01-496 7021 or 087 374 4926 or email actthemaggot@gmail.com

TESTIMONIALS from Performance Management Workshops with our role-players and European Managers at Elavon Inc.

“Actors were fantastic. They took each scenario to the extreme allowing us to learn what to do or say, and maybe
more importantly, what not to do or say. Very effective.”

“Excellent. Helped drive the role play conversations and brought a different dimension that may not have been possible with Elavon-only participation.”

“While I have attended similar training in my previous work experience, the positive difference made in this one was particularly down to having actors to practise with. This ensured more life-like scenarios, occasional unpredictability of employee-manager interaction. Also, the focus on role play was helpful, rather than spending more time on theory slides. It all comes down to having these live conversations, so more opportunity we have to play them out in a safe environment, the better and more beneficial it is for us.”

“I found them great, I love acting and role playing so it was to my strength! I will also comment, that the fact that they didn’t force anyone to roleplay was fantastic, it means a very relaxed environment.”


Procrastination is as a good thing

img_2802.jpgProcrastination is part and parcel of being a writer. It can be seen as a positive. Your creative process actually needs you to indulge in day-dreaming, doodling, dawdling, journaling, cooking, cleaning, chatting, visualising in order for your stories and characters to emerge before you organically. Think about the positives here? Lots of amazing home-cooked food, spring-cleaned presses and sheds all through the year, not to mention the tons of entertaining doodles left all over the house. You just cannot force your characters to life. You have to let them appear. Often, doing some activity which is antithethical to writing can ironically help us write! But finding the idea is not enough. Focus and hard graft is necessary to see it through to completion. Having a deadline can really help put some fire into your belly once you get started on that story, script or poem. If you want to find a competition or bursary to apply for, read about lots of opportunities for writers here. If you would like to try one of our evening courses to get you going, take a look at our Beginners’ Screenwriting and Beginners’ Creative Writing coming up after Easter and early June.

Where to see great Short Films?

fadeinThe way to view film and video content has changed so dramatically in recent years. Apart from catching the latest shorts at the Dublin Film Festival, it is difficult to find examples of good short films that are being made today. There are heaps of Facebook groups you can join. This website is a favourite – an amazing short films website hosting all the major film festival winners in the short film category. Happy viewing. Elsewhere, here is a cool site showing some quirky and interesting shorts films made in Ireland.If you are planning on writing your first short screenplay, it is important to study some of your favourites. Choose ones in the genre you wish to write in and study their dialogue, story arcs and the timings. You can also consider joining us at Act The Maggot in Temple Bar for our Beginner’s Screenwriting class. Working with a group helps get the juices flowing and the cross-pollination of ideas can get you really into your own story.

Wanna write for the movies?

robertmckeeAct The Maggot is thrilled to announce a new departure in our creative writing department. We are offering a brand new six-week course in Screenwriting at the end of April. This course is designed for the film and TV buffs among you. It is specifically aimed at those of you who have never tried it before. Here’s a thing. Imagine how alarming it might be if you did the maths on how many hours you actually spend watching feature films, short films, sketch comedy and episodes of TV shows per week. Content is everywhere now. We cannot avoid it. All is not lost, though. Let’s throw our oars in and make our own content. Let’s put those hours to good use and get creative. Imagine how much you have already learned about character and plot without really thinking about it. Yup. It’s time to tell the stories that you want to see up there on the screen.