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Corporate clients provide feedback on their experience after a fun, improvisation session with Amy Redmond

CACI2“Amy facilitated a 2-hour team building / energising session for 50 colleagues and it was an outstanding success. The group quickly lost their inhibitions and everyone got to know each other in a completely new way. Above all everyone smiled and laughed throughout the session which was talked about for weeks afterwards. Amy followed the brief given to her and I would have no hesitation in recommending Amy if you want to inject some energy and fun into your team.” Frank Keating, Pensions Administration Manager, Aon Hewitt

“Amy has a fantastic way of encouraging contributions from all types of people. She has an inventive exercise for everyone. She has helped teams work through and diffuse tension and develop their creative confidence as a team. I would highly recommend Act The Maggot to anyone looking to improve teamwork in their organisation.”
– Jessica Hayden, Head of Programme Development, Innovation Academy, U.C.D. Belfield, Dublin.

“Immediately got people working together as a team. Excellently facilitated.”
– Mary Ryan, Deputy General Manager, C.A.C.I. Dublin

“In terms of inter-team communication, this was a great exercise in getting teams who would not usually work very closely to interact in a relaxed and fun way. I enjoyed learning about my colleague’s aspirations and the customs from their native countries.”
– Francoise Gil, Office Manager, C.A.C.I. Dublin

“Getting to connect with people in a fun way was great. Everyone appears more human afterwards.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“Great coffee substitute – energising. Great increase in morale among the team.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“I enjoyed doing silly things to get outside my comfort zone.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“I liked the way I and others unfolded – starting a bit self-conscious and ending up dancing like no one was looking.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“I felt it helped me get closer to the four ‘quieter’ ones in my team. I got to see some of the ones I don’t really know get out there and participate, and I’m guessing, revel in the strength and the support of their subgroup. For me, the applause at the end of each subgroups performance was proof of the strength of the group as a whole.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“I loved the physicality. The fun. The comradeship. The sense of the unexpected.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“Definitely the connection with people in the group was better after the session.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“I felt energised – light but good physical workout and great clearing of the mental cobwebs.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“I felt more at ease. It loosened us up/relaxed us, lightened the mood.
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

“Felt great and full of energy – had a really positive day after.”
– Innovation Academy, U.C.D., Dublin

Amy Redmond
Communications Consultant
Ranelagh, Dublin 6
01-4967021 or 087 3744926

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