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Welcome to Act The Maggot, a Dublin-based creative arts and facilitation company that focuses on the three C’s – Confidence, Creativity and Communication. Get in touch with us now! (01) 496 7021 or 087 3744926 or by email to actthemaggot@gmail.com. We design evening classes, day programmes and workshops in Improvisation, Beginner’s Acting, Improver’s Acting, Audition techniques, Voice Projection, Team-building and Mindfulness for adults and young people. Take a look around and be sure to check out our great testimonials and follow us on Twitter and Facebook. If you are interested in hiring Act The Maggot to design and deliver a programme for your organisation or a team-building event at your company or if you want to take one of our fun evening classes, you can contact us right here BEGINNERSScribblerTuesdays
Here are some interesting and fun options for you in 2016. Put those pennies away! Booking has begun. The next Dublin city-centre Beginners Acting class is on Thursdays (six-week course starting May 5th, 2016) and Improvers Acting class is on Tuesdays (next one TBC). We are also offering a new Beginner’s Creative Writing class starting in Rathmines on Tuesday, May 10th for 6 weeks. These classes are hot. See our testimonials
To bag your spot email us: actthemaggot@gmail.com

Beginners Acting is a fun, gentle introduction to acting, improvisation and a little voice work. Nothing scary. You will learn basic principles of acting and the emphasis is on fun and getting out of your comfort zone. The group is usually comprised of a good mix of ages ranging from 20s up to 60s and everyone gets on like a house on fire! We usually go for a drink after the 3rd class and the last night of the course. If this seems like it is up your alley you can guarantee your place now. For more information and to find out the price of the Beginners Acting class click here.

Improvers Acting is a step up. As well as diving into our usual fun improvisations, each participant will bring a piece of text they wish to work on and we will spend six fun weeks bringing it to life. If you’ve done our beginners class or have some experience at acting, this is the class for you if you want to up your game. This class is ideal for actors who want to work on audition pieces. For more information and to find out the price of the Improvers Acting class click here.

MIND YOURSELF is back due to popular demand. See our testimonials here. Are you curious about Mindfulness and its possible benefits? MYpinkGeneral Do you want to explore? Want to make a vision board in a relaxed environment and take some time to think about your goals for the coming year? Join us for an introductory workshop on Sunday, March 6th, 2016. Learn about Mindfulness, better nutrition and sleep habits and leave refreshed and rejuvenated with some great practical tools and your own “vision board” for 2016. C’mon MIND YOURSELF!

Do you secretly harbour a passion to be the next Dame Edna? Well, maybe not! How about Harvey Keitel or Sigourney Weaver then?

Cropped image, originally showing Sigourney We...

What is Act The Maggot you wonder?
Act The Maggot focuses on the Three C’s – Confidence, Creativity and Communication. It is a Dublin-based company founded by and actor, journalist and facilitator Amy Redmond. She delivers beginners acting classes, creative writing classes, team-building and effective communication for the corporate and community sector as well as designing programmes with an emphasis on positive mental health. Most maggots come and try our six-week beginner’s acting class which has been designed to introduce you to the rudiments of improvisation and acting. We don’t take ourselves too seriously and the aim is primarily, to have fun. We especially like to catch maggots who are nervous about jumping in. So, if you’re scared – we want you! Read more about our Beginners Acting class here.
What happens in a class? You will learn about improvisation, creative thinking, your voice and your performance. Each class is specially devised to gently take you through the steps that are needed in order to perform in front of an audience. You will meet great people, you will gain confidence and have a good laugh. These fun classes always begin with a simple physical warm up so we ask you to wear comfortable clothes. Yup. No heels or suits wanted! This is your time to unwind and have a bit of craic with a bunch of adult children like yourself who want to act the maggot of a Thursday! Why not contact us to book your place in our class.
What do other maggots have to say? Check out our testimonial page and find out.

Flourish in 2016! Act The Maggot! See our MAGGOT MOVIES on YOUTUBE.

So, the next course starting soon. “Feck!” says you. Well, get looking and get booking! This class is hot! See our page about Beginners Acting Class to find out more. You can also check us our on da holy book and Like our FB page

G’wan bag a spot and get maggoting. You know you will love it.

See MAGGOT MOVIE 1 filmed & edited in Dublin, Ireland

See MAGGOT MOVIE 2 filmed & edited in Dublin, Ireland

See MAGGOT MOVIE 3 filmed & edited in Dublin, Ireland

Get maggoting
G’wan shake things up for yourself in 2016 – meet new faces in diverse places with Act The Maggot.

See Act The Maggot TV interview on Tuesday March 15th, 2012 with DCTV’s Theatron Show hosted by Aoifa Kenny and filmed in their Temple Bar studios in Dublin. For those in a hurry, the Act The Maggot segment starts 3:38mins in….

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Dublin, Ireland
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7 thoughts on “C’mon Act The Maggot!

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in your beginners acting class but would just like some more information on class content. I recently attended a youth drama group which concentrated on games like movement to music, be an inanimate object, etc..without learning about acting techniques or improving skills. I hope your class can provide the relaxed learning environment I’m looking for.
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi, am looking at doinga beginers course in acting, and would it be possible to send me any information on how to go about doing it as an evening course.

    Many thanks

    • I would love to start a beginners course. Could you please tell me when the next course starts, the price and the course content.

  3. Hi, any class in July or August? Can you please het in touch to let me know price, timetables, etc.

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