Beginners Acting – Level 1

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Change your life and flourish in 2018 with Act The Maggot. Our next BEGINNERS CLASS starts Thursday, March 22, 2018 for six weeks from 7.30pm-9.30pm. A fun Resolution! New Beginners Acting Class for Adults – March 22 to April 26, 2018 kicks off right in the heart of Dublin city centre at Chapterhouse, 73 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1 for six Thursdays  – get cracking and get on the list become a maggot now!!! RESERVATIONS are being taken now. €180 per course. Limited spaces available.

monkeyonbikeAttention all who want to act the maggot!!

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act the maggotAct fast. Early Birds Act The Maggot. C’mon join the creative adults brigade. This class is an introduction to acting, voice & improvisation. We also incorporate some mindfulness techniques. It is fun, safe, sociable and only a little bit scary! It is tailored to suit people from all walks of life. We do not take ourselves seriously. The main aim is to chill out and Act The Maggot!! You are asked to wear comfy clothes, bring water & of course leave the place how you found it. The age range varies from 18 up to early 70s. Maggots seem to click and a quite few have stayed friends.  Oh yes & two maggots fell in love the year before last… but dating agency this is not… We are serious about our relaxation and fun. If you don’t believe us…check the super feedback we have been getting on our  Testimonials page. Also be sure to take a look at our FacebookTwitter & both Pinterest1 Pinterest2 boards. G’wan. Spread your wings & fly. Spread the joy. Tiny companies need big mouths. If you have any other query, holler: or call 087 3744926 if you have not got all the info you require.

“WAH IS DA STARS… WAH IS DA STARS?” What is Ak Da Magga?!
See the Short Movie1 our favourite maggots made to show you what we do…….and another  Short Movie2 …oh dear and another Short Movie3 we made. So much fun to make these. Costs a bit of money but it is great old craic!


To find out about what we do, See Act The Maggot TV interview aired on Tuesday March 15th, 2012 with DCTV’s Theatron Show hosted by Aoifa Kenny and filmed in their Temple Bar studios in Dublin. For those in a hurry, the Act The Maggot segment starts 3:38 mins in….
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To Act The Maggot or not to Act The Maggot:)

Do you secretly harbour a passion to be the next Dame Edna?
Well, maybe not! How about Harvey Keitel or Sigourney Weaver then?

If you really want to Ak Da Magga – you better book your spot as we have a limit to class sizes and we must be doing something right cos there is mucho demando. Hurry! All beginners’ courses run on Thursday nights in Dublin city centre.

Beginners’ Acting Class. Our six-week course takes place in Chapterhouse, Middle Abbey Street. All acting classes happen Thursday evenings 7.30pm to 9.30pm – all drawing and creative writing classes happen on Tuesdays.

Act The Maggot – This class has been specially tailored to suit all types of beginners! It is aimed at absolute beginners – those who fancy having the craic and giving it a lash or who have done a bit of acting maybe in school or with a drama group. Hurry! Limited spaces. Don’t worry if there are no places left – these are ongoing six-week classes. Keep an eye out here or on for maggot news.

Act The Maggot places the emphasis on fun and breaking inhibitions. So if you’re already scared, Act The Maggot WANTS YOU!! The usual spiel you get in the corporate world is that acting is good for confidence-building or communication skills. Boring! So let’s play! While these classes will be fun, there is also a method and directive to make you a better actor. And sure, you’ll be more capable of yapping to a full auditorium at a presentation or speaking up confidently at meetings.

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    • Hi Angela – We only register over 18s for Beginner classes. Contact Youth Theatre Ireland on North Great George Street to find your local youth theatre.

  1. Hi
    Im a 21 year old student and I am interested in beginner’s acting classes. Can you send me info on the price for the 6 week course?

  2. I am very interested in starting the beginners acting classes in May and wondered if there were any places left. Danny

  3. Hi, I am interested in your beginners acting for adults starting on March 10th 2016. Could you let me know if you have any places left and what the cost is.

    Many thanks,

  4. Hi can you tell me if there are places available for the beginners class starting March and how much it costs for the 6 weeks. Thanks. Michael.

  5. Hi , I’d love the join this course in January.
    I just wanted to enquire about the price ?

    Thank you & regards,


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