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Act The Maggot has run several Positive Living courses with members at Gateway Mental Health Association. These courses combine positive living techniques with drama exercises and some elements of Forum Theatre to empower participants to reflect on areas of their lives and what changes they want to create for themselves.

Here is what some of the participant’s said about their experience acting the maggot!

“This Act The Maggot course is a friendly, fun gathering. Makes us look forward to living again. I’d like to do this four times a year. I’m so sorry that it has ended. I wish I could be looking forward to another!”

“It was a relaxed setting where I got to know a really nice group of people and also learned stuff about myself.”

“It took me out of thinking inwardly and helped me look at the bigger picture.”

“We acted out scenarios. It gave me back my confidence and self esteem.”

“It made me realise the importance of physical exercise.”

“I have learned how to relax when I am stressed.”

“I enjoyed the sense of expressive freedom.”

“It got me thinking about all the possibilities.”

“Most of all, I enjoyed the role play of situations that actually happened in our lives. I would have preferred more time with this.”

“I enjoyed the variety of activities and not knowing what was coming next.”

“It was great to have somewhere to go each week to help take my mind off my problems.”

“The teacher made it. She put us at our ease with relaxation techniques and we had plenty of laugh and fun times.”

“I enjoyed the interaction and getting to know one another. I would have preferred more time with the meditations.”

“It was fun, yet I did get knowledge.”

“It was a fun and enjoyable introduction to learning through drama.”

Act The Maggot has been developing these specifically tailored courses to work with people who are taking small, positive steps towards minding their own mental health. Act The Maggot is very happy to be working with the staff and members of Gateway. Such a great bunch of people. Long may our relationship continue.

“The i in illness is isolation, and the crucial letters in wellness are we.”
Author unknown

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