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For the fourth year running, Act The Maggot is delighted to be running a course with Gateway members. This year the focus is on Leadership and filmmaking!!

We were delighted to be invited back for the third year running to Act The Maggot with Gateway members. What a fun 8 weeks at their wonderful space in Parker Hill, Rathmines, Dublin 6. Thanks for having us.

Copy the link below into your browser to see feedback from Gateway Mental Health Project Members on their Act The Maggot course.

Gateway Members response to Act The Maggot

We started this morning! Act The Maggot is delighted to be delivering a specially tailored course this winter for members at Gateway Mental Health Project in Rathmines, Dublin 6. This is a light-hearted, holistic course that combines drama tools with positive living techniques. The hands on exercises aim to foster assertiveness and the over all focus gently facilitates participants into thinking about their next steps, be they continuing education/training, part-time work or volunteering.

Take a look at this new, independent Testimonials Project. You may want to have your say & there are also some very good links on the site worth reading about, including WRAP Ireland information.

03.07.2012 – A big thank you and well done to all the participants on our eight-week Chrysalis Craic! course which finished up today & a huge thank you to Culturlann na hEireann for the cups of tae. There will be more Chrysalis Craic! courses available in Dublin City centre, in late 2012 or early 2013 – subject to funding.

Last chance to act the maggot with us on Tuesday afternoons! Hurry limited spots available.  

Do you yearn for something different? Feeling out of sorts, depressed, unemployed, under-employed, blocked, uncreative, trapped, limited, lonely, labelled or just plain bored? 

Want to build confidence, learn something about acting and have a bit of craic at the same time? Are you curious about creativity? Reconnect to your sense of play and do something fun with your Tuesday afternoons.  Meet new people and join us for some summertime seaside fun in Monkstown. Due to the phenomenal response to our taster classes, Act The Maggot is delighted to be offering an 8-week afternoon beginners’ acting course called Chrysalis Craic!


Monkstown, Dublin

Who knows? If the weather gets good again – we could even go for a quick dip after our Tuesday class each week? wha!! brrrr!! jaysus!! 

Chrysalis Craic!kicks off on Tuesday May 15 at 2pm in an amazing space out in Monkstown, Co. Dublin – just a stone’s throw from Seapoint DART station. In order for us to have fun and get the most from the course,  a sense of continuity and trust must be developed and maintained. So if you think you might be able to commit to the full eight sessions, call or text us at 087 374 4926. Saying that, we totally understand that the thought of signing up for 8 weeks is daunting – especially if you are not feeling the Mae West.

Mae West

Do what you can. See how you go. You might just want to keep coming back? Rock up for the first session and see – remember this is your journey. We are all at different stages on the road. Some of us are caught at the traffic lights, others are meandering along the footpath taking a good look around before deciding their next move but one thing is for sure – those of us who think we know exactly where we are headed, well, we may be surprised!  

OLD NEWS & more reading about the development of Chrysalis Craic!:
Our March introductory taster drama workshop called Chrysalis Craic!  will take place from 2pm to 4pm (with a tea break in the middle) on Tuesday March 13th, 2012  at Cultúrlann na hÉireann, 32 Belgrave Square, Monkstown, Co. Dublin (across from Seapoint DART station). Call 087 3744926 to get a spot. Phone reservations only. Limited places.  

Getting to the Cultúrlann in Monkstown from City Centre. Just minutes away from the DART station and the No.7 Dubln Bus Route

DART: you need to get off at Seapoint Station, turn immediately left at the exit and cross at the pedestrian lights, then turn right up Belgrave Road and take the first turn left that you meet. This takes you into Belgrave Square. 
BUS: The No. 7 Bus goes from O’Connell Street in the City Centre out to the Cultúrlann also, just three stops past Blackrock Village. You need to get off on Monkstown Road at the stop before Seafield Avenue. When you exit the bus go left and then turn immediately right down into Belgrave Square.

  *Valentine who?!  Do something completely different on February 14h this year? Try our introductory taster drama workshop called Chrysalis Craic!  From 3pm to 5pm on that dreaded day – St. Valentine’s (with a tea break in the middle) at Appletree Health & Wellness Centre 126 Ranelagh Road in Ranelagh, Dublin 6 (across the road from Laser DVD). Call Amy at 087 3744926 to get a spot. Phone reservations only. Limited places.    

Act The Maggot – Chrysalis Craic! has been developed for those who have experienced or are still experiencing mental health difficulties.  Why not try a fun beginners’ acting class to improve confidence and self esteem? Chrysalis Craic! will gently help to take you out of yourself in a safe & supportive environment. Let it become part of your recovery. Have fun and socialise. Reconnect with your sense of play and explore your imagination in a non-clinical, comfortable environment.

Planned 8-week courses include lots of theatre games, work on breath, voice, improvisation. There will also be a focus on Augusto Boal‘s, Theatre of the Oppressed – which can be a powerful tool for assertiveness, clarity and problem solving.

Depending on feedback from the various taster classes, an 8-week seaside Chrysalis Craic! course has been specially developed for the summer of 2012 – Course runs from Tuesday May 15th to Tuesday July 10th. All sessions begin at 2pm and finish at 4pm – a short tea/coffee break is included. Other Chrysalis Craic! courses may also be offered in Dublin 6 in September. Watch this space! 

Each class is 2 hours long (with a tea break!) once a week for 8-weeks. 2012 Chrysalis Craic! classes take place later on in the year at Cultúrlann na hÉireann, 32 Belgrave Square, Monkstown,  Co. Dublin. (Right across from Monkstown Dart). For more information on Chrysalis Craic! call 087 374 4926 or send an email to  actthemaggot@gmail.com

“The i in illness is isolation, and the crucial letters in wellness are we.”
Author unknown

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book.”
Irish Proverb

“In order to change, we must be sick and tired of being sick and tired.”
Author unknown

“There was never yet an uninteresting life. Such a thing is an impossibility. Inside of the dullest exterior there is a drama, a comedy and a tragedy.”
Mark Twain

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