Scene Study – Level 3

level3This class will run from Thursday, Thursday, May 10 to June 14, 2018 (7.30pm-9.30pm) with the performance taking place 7pm on Thursday, June 21, 2018. This course is best suited to those who can commit to all or at least 80% of the classes and can be reliable scene study partners outside class time. Participants will have completed Level 1 and Level 2 of Act The Maggot. It results in a live theatre performance on the week following their last night of class. See the picture to the left – this is a bunch of very chuffed maggots after they performed live. They were brilliant. Friends and family are welcome to come and see your show. Limited class size. The price is €180 and it will take place in the heart of Dublin city centre at Chapterhouse, 73 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin 1. Email us at for more details or to book your place.