Corporate role-playing

screen-shot-2017-07-18-at-15-36-17Role-playing is a fantastic tool in company trainings. We all have to face difficult conversations, tough meetings, unexpected situations. Why not hire a couple of professional actors to re-enact a specific work-related script? Then, in Forum Theatre style the actors can stop and start at the suggestion of the participants to find the best communication solutions. It can be a lot of fun as it is interactive learning. By having real actors as part of a training it immediately breaks the ice and ups the stakes. We can help you with your script too if you like. For more information on this programme, call Amy on 01-496 7021 or 087 374 4926 or email

TESTIMONIALS from Performance Management Workshops with our role-players and European Managers at Elavon Inc.

“Actors were fantastic. They took each scenario to the extreme allowing us to learn what to do or say, and maybe
more importantly, what not to do or say. Very effective.”

“While I have attended similar training in my previous work experience, the positive difference made in this one
was particularly down to having actors to practise with. This ensured more life-like scenarios, occasional unpredictability
of employee-manager interaction. Also, the focus on role play was helpful, rather than spending
more time on theory slides. It all comes down to having these live conversations, so more opportunity we have to
play them out in a safe environment, the better and more beneficial it is for us.”

“I found them great, I love acting and role playing so it was to my strength! I will also comment, that the fact that
they didn’t force anyone to roleplay was fantastic, it means a very relaxed environment.”

“Excellent. Helped drive the role play conversations and brought a different dimension that may not have been
possible with Elavon-only participation.”

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