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Graduate maggots speak up about their 6-week evening class experience with Act The Maggot!

“Act the maggot took me to a place I haven’t been since I was a child. A place of pure joy. You meet great people from all walks of life and form firm friendships. I got to express myself in a way that I could never do in any conventional adult learning scenario and it made me feel like I was 10 feet tall.”
– Shane Lynam, Director,

“I signed up to Act the Maggot to try something a bit different, I wanted to venture into the wilderness beyond my comfort zone but I soon found that I was totally comfortable outside of my comfort-zone. Act the Maggot just expands your comfort zone so that’s all there is. Classes like this are only ever as good as the person running them – luckily Amy is super fun, a master at her craft and really down-to-earth. She has a way of getting you to do things you wouldn’t usually do and she does it in such a way that it’s not scary at all. Everyone in the class was really friendly and willing to throw themselves into the thick of it. If you’re looking for a lot of laughs and a weekly holiday from reality this course will be perfect for you!”
– Alice Walsh, Librarian, Getty Images

“I would highly recommend the course to anyone who is looking to get an enjoyably informative and casual introduction to acting! Act the Maggot gives you a little taste of acting and public speaking while working as a medium through which you can meet some really interesting and really nice people that you would never meet otherwise! It definitely left me dying to try the next class and see what else Act the Maggot has to offer!”
– Sharon Moorhouse, TV3

“I never laughed as much as I did on the course! The class provides a great lift and I would recommend it to everyone.”
– Aidan O Sullivan, IT

“Great course, really enjoyed it and met great people to share all the laughs with! Excellent value for money.”
– Eoin Carney, Oracle

“You spend so much time laughing that you don’t realise until the end of the course how much change has taken place and how much inhibition has been shed.”
– Grainne Daly, Enterprise ireland

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone. It is a great fun environment in which to learn something new and challenging, and a fantastic way to boost your confidence. I learnt a lot, laughed a lot, met great people and enjoyed the whole experience.
I loved every minute of it. It was relaxed, fun and challenging and I look forward to doing the follow-up course in the New Year”
– Carol McGuinness, Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis for Living

“I came with so much nervousness but found myself doing things I never thought I would do in a really fun way. I also had the chance to observe myself in a totally different way and learn things about myself I did not previously know.”
– Andree Harpur, Career Consultant

“It was a brilliant experience for me. Somedays I felt very tired going to class and came skipping out. It felt a very safe platform to try out acting as a beginner while also encouraging you to go outside your comfort zone. It was a great way to meet new people with plenty of opportunities to get to know people outside of the class also. People were from different walks of life which was lovely and added to the whole experience.”
– Triona Ni Dhuibhir, final year Psychology student, Trinity College Dublin

“I joined Act The Maggot as I wanted to meet a few new people and have a laugh. However, my underlying reason for joining was to try and overcome a problem of shyness and a little social awkwardness. It worked! Way beyond my expectations. Although I had no idea what to expect it resulted in being an event that I looked forward to all week. Being continuously under pressure from a very demanding college workload, it was a night in the week I completely relaxed my mind and had some genuine fun.”
Keith Noblet, Pharmaceutical R & D student, Dublin Institute of Technology

“If you’re feeling a little shy, get out of your comfort zone and act the maggot! Great fun, great people.
Well-run by Amy. Enjoyed the yap afterwards in the pub.”
– John McPartland, Retired

“I thoroughly enjoyed Act the Maggot and met some lovely actors-in-crime there. There was a friendly, supportive and ultimately creative, atmosphere. I enjoyed the experience of improvisation and the breadth of pieces we chose for our final performances. I also felt safe to make a mess of my piece and to learn from that, which says a lot about the good atmosphere created on the course. I would definitely recommend Act the Maggot to anyone wishing to explore his or her inner Ms Mirren or Mr Fiennes!”
– Rhoda Mary Bowell, Journalist

“I joined up not quite knowing what to expect but have to say I had an absolute blast from start to finish. I looked forward to each week with great anticpation wondering what fun and games were ahead and have to say I can’t remember last time I laughed so much.”
– Tina Yorke, Legal Administrator

“Act the Maggot! We all need it in our lives. Bring the fun, the joy and a bit of a silly back in!” – Martha Griffin, Community Development Worker

“A friendly group of people lead by Amy who has a calming effect with a great sense of fun which has a very positive effect in that it gets the best out of the group.”
– Peter Browning, Bizprint Ltd.

“Brilliant. Very enjoyable and spontaneous. Very good for people with stage fright and bad nerves.”
– Maura Lane, Administrator, Enterprise Ireland

“Don’t be afraid, especially if it’s your first time to try something like this, just do it, I promise you won’t regret it. I loved it and I’m sorry it’s over.”
– Liz Price, House of Fraser

“It was great, I really enjoyed it! A good way to unwind and to get an insight into the acting process.”
– Marta Oriol Rocabruna, Financial Services

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