Read the latest testimonials for beginners’ creative writing class

quote4-wTempted to try our fun Screenwriting for Beginners class in April or our next Creative Writing for Beginners class? Have a read. The latest testimonials are in from the January creative writing class – thank you maggots!

“It was stimulating, engaging and great fun. Well facilitated. I grew in confidence with each passing week.”

“I have already recommended your course. This was a great experience. It stretched my abilities and gave me confidence to carry on scribbling. Keep up the good work.”

“Very good. Great to do the course with a mixed bunch of people but with a common interest. Great fun.”

Contact us at to reserve your place.

Last few spots available on Beginners Acting – more new courses kick off after Easter

wholetmeadult!There are just three more places left on the March 23 course in Beginners Acting. If you want to sign up email us at to secure your place. After Easter, there will be Beginners Drawing and Beginners Screenwriting, more Beginners Acting (May 11) and a new Beginners Creative Writing course. All courses cost €180 and take place in Temple Bar. Hurry. They do book up!

Where to see great Short Films?

fadeinThe way to view film and video content has changed so dramatically in recent years. Apart from catching the latest shorts at the Dublin Film Festival, it is difficult to find examples of good short films that are being made today. There are heaps of Facebook groups you can join. This website is a favourite – an amazing short films website hosting all the major film festival winners in the short film category. Happy viewing. Elsewhere, here is a cool site showing some quirky and interesting shorts films made in Ireland.If you are planning on writing your first short screenplay, it is important to study some of your favourites. Choose ones in the genre you wish to write in and study their dialogue, story arcs and the timings. You can also consider joining us at Act The Maggot in Temple Bar for our Beginner’s Screenwriting class. Working with a group helps get the juices flowing and the cross-pollination of ideas can get you really into your own story.

Read the latest testimonials for beginners’ acting classes

ComfortStill thinking about signing up for the next Beginners’ Acting class starting on March 23 in Temple Bar? Have a read. The latest testimonials are in from the January class – thank you maggots! Looking forward to meeting the same bunch of mad maggots in the Level 2 class.

“I really enjoyed it, it took me out of my comfort soon on so many levels. It is exactly what the name suggests and you definitely act the maggot!”

“Loved every minute of it from start to finish. Amy is a great teacher and I learned loads while havin fun at the same time. Would highly recommend to anyone even toying with joining a beginners acting class. Sign yourself up and put yourself out there. You might just surprise yourself!”

“I was surprised at how well I did on the spot. It gave me back some trust in myself. We’re so used to mentally preparing things but sometimes the best things come naturally and spontaneously and that’s what I found with Act The Maggot. I also made good friends in the course, as it’s an interesting experience to share with people and you get to know someone on a level that we usually don’t know people. Overall good experience.”

“Really got me out of my comfort zone, people were amazing, haven’t laughed so much in years!”

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Wednesday Poem


Even if it keeps you up all night,
wash down the walls and scrub the floor
of your study before composing a syllable.

Clean the place as if the Pope were on his way.
Spotlessness is the niece of inspiration.

The more you clean, the more brilliant
your writing will be, so do not hesitate to take
to the open fields to scour the undersides
of rocks or swab in the dark forest
upper branches, nests full of eggs.

When you find your way back home
and stow the sponges and brushes under the sink,
you will behold in the light of dawn
the immaculate altar of your desk,
a clean surface in the middle of a clean world.

From a small vase, sparkling blue, lift
a yellow pencil, the sharpest of the bouquet,
and cover the pages with tiny sentences
like long rows of devoted ants
that followed you in from the woods.

Billy Collins


boomWell done to the maggots who have just completed their six-week beginners’ creative writing course tonight. An excellent bunch of writers in all with so many interesting characters and stories. Watch this space! Congratulations is also due to last week’s bunch who completed their six weeks in beginners’ acting. A rowdy lot they turned out to be once they got to know one another! A great time was had with both groups and we look forward to the follow on courses as well as launching our new introductory courses in drawing and screenwriting. Oh yes, it’s going to be a very creative spring here at Act The Maggot. Sure we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Gateway launches Creative Writing booklet

quote3-wAct The Maggot is thrilled to have been invited to deliver a month of Creative Writing sessions to the longstanding writers’ group at Gateway Mental Health Association. It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a talented bunch. We even got to help members prepare for a public reading of their own written work. We wish them the best of luck launching their Creative Writing booklet in Rathmines Library on March 10th, 2017.

Learn to draw in relaxed surroundings?

lecorbusierAct The Maggot is delighted to offer a brand new Drawing for Beginners class this Spring. Want to learn the basics of drawing? Chill out and have fun in a beautiful room with no distractions, just pencil and paper. Sketch away in good company. Good for the head and the heart. Join us on Tuesday nights in Temple Bar, 7.30-9.30pm – April 25th to May 30th (€180). Limited places. to book your spot.

Wanna write for the movies?

robertmckeeAct The Maggot is thrilled to announce a new departure in our creative writing department. We are offering a brand new six-week course in Screenwriting at the end of April. This course is designed for the film and TV buffs among you. It is specifically aimed at those of you who have never tried it before. Here’s a thing. Imagine how alarming it might be if you did the maths on how many hours you actually spend watching feature films, short films, sketch comedy and episodes of TV shows per week. Content is everywhere now. We cannot avoid it. All is not lost, though. Let’s throw our oars in and make our own content. Let’s put those hours to good use and get creative. Imagine how much you have already learned about character and plot without really thinking about it. Yup. It’s time to tell the stories that you want to see up there on the screen.

NEW March/April evening classes booking now.

tootootNewsflash. Act The Maggot is offering a bunch of new, fun evening classes at the end of March and after Easter, 2017. Take a look around if you are interested in Creative Writing, Beginners’ Acting or try our brand new Introduction to Screenwriting. Also, if you have some acting experience already and fancy getting up on stage, consider joining our Improvers Acting class where you can focus your energies on a character and work on a monologue for performance. Later in the Spring, we will be introducing a new Acting – Level 3 class and a fun Drawing for Beginners class. There is also talk of a Creativity Retreat somewhere beautiful in Ireland. C’mon join the Maggot Machine! Keep your eyes peeled for our posters about town and on our Twitter and Facebook feeds for more news and info on creative happenings in Dublin and beyond. Happy Weekend. Read our testimonials to help make your decision.