Learning to Draw is so much fun and more relaxing than we realised




screen-shot-2017-05-31-at-09-46-44We had such a great time in the Beginners Drawing class. So sad it is over. What a lovely relaxing time of a Tuesday. This is one hobby worth keeping. Next course will be in September. For more information about this contact us at actthemaggot@gmail.com #drawing #art #mindfulness #relaxation #perspective #humans

Drawing is thinking…..

Robot on HorseSo when did you stop drawing? Want to start again? Join a class of absolute beginners for six fun weeks in Temple Bar. Have a read of this article here on the Cognitive Benefits of Doodling Click on the link if you want to know more about our next beginners drawing class Join us April 25!

FREE Secret Mindful Mondays

shouldersAct The Maggot is running free monthly mindfulness taster workshops in random, secret interesting locations all over Dublin city this Spring and Summer. They will be on the first Monday of every month for just 20 minutes – these free sessions will happen immediately before your working day or immediately after. If you want to be informed, send your email address to actthemaggot@gmail.com with Mindful Mondays in the subject line – We are thinking 8.15am and 6pm – if you have a suggestion for other times please add this in your mail. You can also like our Act The Maggot Facebook page or follow us on Twitter to see latest developments. Namaste!