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BEGINNERS“I absolutely loved every second of it and the teacher was amazing.”

“Exceeded expectations! The teacher was very good at creating a safe space and was very encouraging all the way through. Amazing positive energy!”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. Such an amazing teacher and the rest of the class were great fun and very supportive.”

“Very enjoyable. Activities are multiple and various. There is no boring time! I liked it.”

“It was wonderful. So many games to play, so many moments where you could try things out you would never do in normal life. The teacher was so kind, motivating and fun. The group was friendly, tolerant and supporting all the time. We became closer and closer with each session, just because we shared one passion: Escape yourself for two hours and feel as free as a child again.”

If you are interested in joining our next beginners acting class contact us at or 087 3744926 and we will see if there is a place for you.

It’s showtime folks!

Fantastic stuff. Conquering your fears. Getting out of your comfort zone. Making new friends. Memorising lines. Performing in front of a live audience. It seems like yesterday this bunch rocked up to try their hand at our flagship course in Beginners’ Acting. They completed six short weeks of improvisation and general mayhem. They got bitten by the bug and returned for Level 2 where they continued with improv skills but also dug deeper into character and text and the result?!! Hey presto – their first foray on stage. Well done all. A great night. We are all looking forward to what they pull out of the hat in Level 3 – where they will concentrate on scenes. Now that is a performance worth waiting for. Roll on summer time. If you are thinking about dipping your toes in, drop us a line and join our fun community. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and you can track the progress of our new Beginners’ Drawing class on our Instagram and Pinterest pages. We also have another fun Creative Writing class for Beginners kicking off on June 6th in Temple Bar. Bag your spot today! More classes happening in May and June,

New Year, New You!

Yes indeed. Only a few days now before another new year dawns. What are your resolutions for 2017? Have you often thought about trying an acting class? Would you like to try creative writing? Want to go on stage? Did you know that tapping into your creativity will improve your mood and your productivity? So many Act The Maggot students say they can see the difference in how they approach their work and their personal lives during and after the beginner’s acting class. In just six short weeks, you can build confidence, meet new people and have lots of fun to kick off 2017. Try it. Go on, surprise yourself! to book your spot.
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