Mind Yourself Testimonials

shouldersTestimonials on the Mind Yourself workshop

“I felt really relaxed and inspired after the workshop.”

“Amy is a fantastic facilitator, I would highly recommend her.”

“I really enjoyed this course. It’s a great introduction to the fundamental concepts and practice of mindfulness, or as in my case, a refresher course, having done a bit of it years ago. Amy is very professional, warm and informative and makes it all very accessible. I feel like I can make a real start on this based on the course and the suggested reading and research materials. I’d certainly recommend it.”

“Amy offered great tips and quick exercises to move you towards Zen in minutes. I learned meditation can be easy and accessible to everyone. Time very well spent.”

“I really enjoyed Amy’s approach to meditating. She was extremely informative but made it seem practical and also fun. She gave great references and we did a wide variety of excerises so everyone felt they could at least adopt something at home. I’d highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking for an introduction to meditating.”

“A great, pragmatic introduction to mindfulness which took away all the fear and unknowing. It is simple, even I can do it and I learned that I have to take some time for me.”

“I arrived at the class extremely anxious and left it refreshed, reassured and excited for my future. Thanks to this fun and friendly workshop I now feel I have the tools to help with stressful times and they are available to me anytime anywhere.”

“I thought it was a good introduction to mindfulness and taking some time out for my wellbeing. The workshop was accessible, interesting, relaxing and fun. I enjoyed it immensely and would recommend it to friends.”

“It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon before the Christmas madness – learning breathing exercises which will help when stress levels rise. Would highly recommend this workshop to everyone.”

“It helped me to focus and relax about a few things. Also, the people I met were really nice:)”

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